Ayutha Poratam

The employees of Field Weapon Factory (F. W. F), a company that manufactures weapons and sends them to Sri Lanka, are sent to Sri Lanka by their boss. After arriving in Sri Lanka, Bhumika (Preethi Minal) falls in love with Jai (Jai Akash) and Rekha (Anita Reddy) falls in love with another man. Ganesh (Theepetti Ganesan) is also in love with Rekha. Jai and Ganesh smoke ganja (marijuana), but Jai stops the bad habit for Bhumika. While the employees are feeling the nation they meet a freedom fighter leader (Jai Akash) who wants to kill the employees as their company is responsible for the deaths of many people. How Jai convinces the leader to spare his life forms the rest of the plot. – Tamilyogi Official

Duration: 125 min

Quality: HD


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